Spring Into Wellness with Lisa Marie

What I do

I am a Naturopath and personal trainer who changes lives through bettering health.
I have a passion in pre-conception care to assist in reducing the risk and occurrence of food intolerance and allergies, having personal experience in the area.
Although pre-conception care is my passion, I want people to feel their best no matter what the condition or illness, improving overall quality of life.
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working in the fitness industry for over 6 years and have assisted in weight loss and improved levels of strength, energy, cardiovascular fitness and optimised moods and mindset. I love helping people to feel their best and achieve their health and fitness goals.


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Work with Me

Personal Training

As a personal trainer, my priority is to create training programs to get you the best results! The programs are designed to suit your individual goals and involve; cardiovascular, strength, resistance, Pilates, core and boxing exercises dependant upon your wants and requirements.


Naturopathy is a natural system of health care that aims to treat the whole person and the cause of the health concern. Naturopathic medicine aims to achieve optimal health by using centuries-old medicines alongside modern health care.

What People Are Saying

I felt ok before starting the 8 week challenge as I did do some exercise, however I needed the challenge to get me motivated and committed, and that is exactly what it did.
Since the challenge, my health and fitness levels have definitely improved.
I really, enjoyed the variety of the programs, every session worked a different area of the body or was cardio.
Lisa is quiet but firm and very encouraging. Always challenging us to do more and not take the easy way out.
I found the challenge of getting up before light on those cold winter mornings really bonded our group and our combined weight loss was greater than the afternoon group which was inspiring. Maybe we were just to cold to stop and talk!
I highly recommend Lisa and will definitely continue coming to the group sessions so my fitness continues to improve.


6 week challenge winner

Going to Lisa has changed my life. I feel great and her support has helped me in many ways! Lisa is a knowledgeable personal trainer with lots of tips for staying on track with a healthy life style 😍


Before the 8 week challenge began, I was tired, run down and exhausted all the time. Not to mention unfit and out of breath
doing simple tasks! I also felt like I was bloated and didn’t have much self confidence at all.
I’m becoming more fit each visit, I have loads more energy and feel so good each day. I
don’t feel as tired anymore either! I feel so much healthier!! I am starting to gain more
confidence in how I look – which is amazing because I’m always lacking that. I feel like I’m
losing belly and gaining more muscle too. Definitely haven’t felt this good!
Lisa is a great personal trainer, she is encouraging and always pushing you to do the best
you can! She cares and changes programs to suit your personal needs! The 8 week challenge
itself has been really great. I went into it not thinking I would enjoy the meal planning side
of it at all but it has been so yummy! There has been a few meals that I didn’t love, but mostly everything has been tasty and really easy to make/prepare. Absolutely love the challenge
and how it pushes me each day!



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