Throughout my naturopathic consultations, I often see people present with some signs and symptoms that are indicating a potential iron deficiency- which obviously needs to be checked and ruled out or confirmed through iron studies. The thing is, most of the signs and symptoms that occur with iron deficiency can also be present due to other reasons or conditions. For example; adrenal fatigue has a few of the common signs and symptoms and so do thyroid concerns. However, If I’m given a few to several signs and symptoms described by my clients, then I’m asking them to request iron studies to be sure.

The following is only 10 of the most common signs and symptoms of iron deficiency, however there are still more. So, if you are tired of feeling drained, check out if these symptoms match up with what you’re experiencing!

10 signs you might possibly be low in iron
1) You feel fatigued
2) You feel weak
3) Your skin looks pale
4) You find yourself short of breath, when you feel like you shouldn’t be
5) You have brittle nails or spoon shaped nails
6) Have cold extremities (hands and feet)
7) You get dizzy often
8) Dry hair that may even be falling out
9) You get restless legs
10) You seem to be getting sick more frequently

If you’re totally feeling most of these are just what you are experiencing, go and see your GP or other health care professional (such as a naturopath) and let them know ALL of your symptoms so that they can order the appropriate tests ad have you feeling better ASAP.

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