In clinic I see many client’s that often require more of the following nutrients. These are key nutrients that help maintain; healthy nervous system function, cognition, healthy skin, detoxification, growth and cellular energy and repair.

The 4 most common nutrients that need to be increased are;

What does it do?
Zinc is required in over 200 enzymes within the body and makes up part of our DNA and RNA. It is essential for healing, healthy immune function, a healthy nervous system, energy, growth, hormone production, a healthy stress response and it aids bone and teeth formation.

Deficiency signs can include; Lack of taste and or smell, depression, acne, lack of appetite, low fertility, poor immune function and frequent infections.

What does it do?
Magnesium is our nervous system and muscle nutrient. Magnesium is the “relaxer” nutrient. It’s essential for a healthy stress response, healthy muscles, energy production and strengthening bones and teeth.

Deficiency signs can include; muscle cramps and or tremors, muscle weakness, constipation, high blood pressure, kidney stones, hyperactivity, insomnia, nervousness, depression and confusion.

B Vitamins:
What do they do?
B vitamins are essential for energy production, brain and nerve function, hormone production, fat metabolism, efficient liver detoxification, blood sugar balance, digestion and skin repair.

Deficiency signs can include; poor hair condition, insomnia, eczema, anxiety, anger, fatigue, sore muscles, anaemia, poor memory, depression, sore tongue, split nails, poor concentration, constipation, poor dream recall, neural tube defects, tingling hands and cramps.

Omega 3s:
What do they do?
Important for neurological and visual development, healthy brain function, healthy triglycerides, heart health, helps to regulate moods and is anti-inflammatory; lowering inflammation and pain.

Deficiency signs can include; dry skin, depression, neural tube defects in babies, dry, brittle hair, mood swings, depression, anxiety, difficulty sleeping and poor cognition.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this short and sweet blog post and have learned something of value. These are all nutrients in which I often am required to supplement clients with given their unique, individual case, concerns and their specific requirements.
If you have any questions or thoughts, I’d love to hear it!


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