5 things I’ve done differently this pregnancy in the bid to help reduce the likelihood and severity of Allergies and Intolerances.

1) I worked on my gut health for the past 2.5 years. This included drinking broths, adhering to the GAPS diet for 8 weeks, eating fermented foods, supplemented daily with a probiotic and zinc, slippery elm, and other gut care products.

2) I eliminated Gluten and dairy completely for 2 years. I have since added small amounts back into my diet here and there but aim to be as gluten and dairy free as much as I can.

3) I’ve ensured I do not supplement with folic acid. Instead I use practitioner brands that include folinic acid or methylfolate. There is suggestions out there now which include a potential link between folic acid and midline defects. I too have a double MTHFR defect which means, I already have difficulty with efficient detoxification pathways- folic acid which can’t be utilised (the synthetic folate, used in common over the counter products) creates an extra workload and is not good for the body. If you’re pregnant and feeling even worse and can’t stomach your over the counter multi- it could potentially be folic acid making you feel even more ill. See a practitioner and get a good quality supplement for pregnancy and feel the difference!

4) I had hubby taking multi’s and even had him supplementing with a detoxification support supplement long before we decided to conceive. Much of the time with preconception care, men aren’t advised to do or take anything, and often it can be where fertility concerns are found with poor sperm count and motility.

5) I’m (to be 100% honest) only now focusing on my immune health. I’ve noticed this past month, I’ve now had a cold 2x and they’ve really lingered compared to what I’m used to. Prior to pregnancy I was sick maybe 1-2x a year and recovered well. I feel it’s important I work on my immunity so that there is less chances of needing antibiotic treatment. I strongly feel the antibiotics I had during labour certainly didn’t help my first born’s gut health (they were necessary at the time though), so this time around I’m doing what I can for there to be less chance of illness getting me down and requiring antibiotics. In the meantime, I’ll do what I can to prevent that from happening. Over 80% of our immune system lives in and around our gut, so we really need those good gut bugs as a first line of defence. Allergic reactions are immune mediated after all. To look after my immune health I’ll be taking a pregnancy safe immune product with herbs and nutrients such as; echinacea, vitamin c and zinc as well as keeping my iron up, which are all vital for immune health. Stress has a big impact on our immunity so I’ll be including a weekly Epsom salt bath and some relaxation time as well as regular exercise to help keep on top of it.

I’m ensuring I get a good dose of all the vitamins and minerals I need whilst pregnant so bub is healthy as can possibly be. I’m loading up on veg and having juices or smoothies where I can to get those nutrients in.

I’m all informed and know what i need to about allergies, intolerances and tongue ties, ready to change or do whatever needs to be done when baby no. 2 is born if any issues arise, such as; extreme gassiness with being uncomfortable, reflux, regular mucous and/ or blood in stools, etc.

I strongly believe there are things we can do to always better ours and our children’s health and development and I hope that this helps others out there who want a better experience with their future babies. We can bury our head’s in the sand and pretend we can’t do anything about it, but at least if bub no.2 has the same troubles as my first I wont be thinking that I should have done more or done better!

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