Children and Anxiety.

Anxiety in children is becoming more and more common and so is depression.

It’s something we don’t talk enough about but we should and more importantly so; talk about what solutions are available to assist children with anxiety.

What is anxiety?
Anxiety can affect us daily or certain occasions/ happenings may trigger anxiety, however it is more than just stress or worry and is difficult to get rid of and overcome. Anxiety is a worrying feeling that will not go away and can make life difficult to cope with when it’s constant. It is the most common mental health disorder with 1 in 4 people suffering with anxiety

Signs and symptoms of anxiety:
• Often worried, scared, or nervous
• Worried something bad will happen regularly
• You avoid certain situations or events because of the worry you feel
• You may experience a racing heart
• A nervous sensation in your stomach
• Rapid breathing
• Panic
• Sweating
• You cannot concentrate or focus because of worry

What natural medicines and treatments are available to assist in reducing or even eliminating anxiety?


B Vitamins- B vitamins are essential for energy production, brain and nerve function and much more. They help in supporting a healthy stress response.

Zinc- Zinc is required in over 200 enzymes within the body and makes up part of our DNA and RNA. It is essential for healing, healthy immune function, a healthy nervous system and much more.

Magnesium- Magnesium is our nervous system and muscle nutrient. It’s essential for a healthy stress response, healthy muscles and energy production.

Omega 3s– Important for neurological development, healthy brain function, regulating moods and lowering inflammation and pain.

GABA- a neurotransmitter that; assists with sleep, reduces mental and physical stress, reduces anxiety, and creates calmness.

Bush Flower essences:

I have used bush flower essences personally for myself with huge success. Flower essences help to re balance our own energy fields and can help with our over all sense of well being, be it physical, mental or emotional. They come in small bottles and you place 7 drops under the tongue as needed or morning and night.

Grey Spider: For calmness and courage

Mistletoe: For emotional stability and gaining strength in crisis and grief.

Pittosporum: Regain self confidence and ability to cope with life changes.

She Oak Female: Overcome fears and regain power.

Dog Rose: For confidence, courage and self-belief. Overcome fear.

Lifestyle modifications

Vitamin D:  It is needed for neurotransmitter production and balances moods. Ensure your children get a minimum of 20 minutes/ day sun exposure. We know that vitamin D deficiency is associated with depression.

Kinesiology: An energy healing modality using muscle testing. It has been known to assist with anxiety, depression, stress and other physical imbalances within the body.

Bowen Therapy: Bowen therapy can help our mental and emotional well being by switching our autonomic nervous system from sympathetic (switched on during times of stress and pain) to parasympathetic (required to relax and repair).

Bars: Bars are a form of energy work which is based on the principle that there are 32 points and bars of energy that run throughout our bodies. Each point stores energy, beliefs, attitudes and ideas that our bodies hang on to from birth and throughout all our years. Bars sessions help release our old beliefs and negative energies creating a new sense of calm and well being.  


There are several herbs available that directly work on stress adaptation, calming the nervous system and anxiety. Some of which include;

Withania:  Helps to adapt to stress and improve energy. Lowers cortisol, improves brain function and assists in reducing stress, anxiety and depression.

Passionflower: Assists in reducing nervousness and anxiety. Has a great calming effect that can also assist with sleep.

Chamomile: Chamomile is used to assist in anxiety management and has calming effects on the digestive system too, which is great because often anxiety and digestive upset go hand in hand. Chamomile helps to relieve nervous tension, nausea due to nerves and helps in reducing hyperactivity.

Lemon balm: Another great calming herb that. It helps in reducing stress and anxiety.

All herbs have some cautions and contraindications and may not be safe for everyone, so always ensure the herb is prescribed to you by a herbal or naturopathic practitioner that has full knowledge of your complete medical history.

It is important that children are prescribed any medicines whether they are nutrients, herbs or pharmaceuticals by a healthcare professional. Children should not be taking an adult dose and when working with a naturopath or herbalist, we are able to adjust the dosages to suit your child’s weight and or age appropriately.

When beginning any treatment for children or adults, we should always begin with some gut work, especially where there is anxiety or other mood imbalances. Stress hormones contribute to a leaky gut and when supplementing, its important our gut function is efficient with absorption of nutrients, otherwise results will be reduced. As you’ve most likely heard before, leaky gut affects nutrient absorption and can affect any other aspect of your health, be it physical, mental or emotional. Next up; we will discuss what we can do to help improve our gut health!

Hope you have learned something of value and can now seek out ways to help your children resolve their anxiety.


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