In light of last week’s post on the benefits of going gluten and dairy free and having a gut health workshop yesterday, where we discussed how casein (cows milk protein) and gluten affect the gut in a negative way and cause inflammation making it impossible to heal and seal the gut wall lining whilst still being consumed I wanted to provide my readers and workshop goers with some alternative food suggestions when going gluten and dairy free.

That said, here are my go to alternatives when going gluten and dairy free. Most of these you can find in Woolworths or other regular general stores. Please note that different brands of the same item can taste very different so it may be a bit of trial and error in the beginning, finding an alternative you like. For example don’t decide you hate almond milk after trying just one brand. Personally, I like Almond breeze but you may like Pure harvest better.

Dairy Alternatives:

Cheese: Bio Cheese (personally not my favourite), Sheese. These have a coconut base and come in block, cheese, grated, feta style and cream. Nutritional yeast. There is also cashew based cheeses available through many health food shops. Not to mention the various dairy free cheese options you can make after doing a simple google search- dairy free cheese recipes.I quite like a home made cashew cream  cheese.

Milk: Almond milk, coconut milk, other nut milks, rice milk. There’s oat and soy milk too, though oats contain gluten and soy isn’t fabulous for the gut and women’s hormones too, but that’s a whole other story.

Cream: Coconut cream, you can also do an oil and milk mix to create your own such as 1/2 cup olive oil with 1/2 cup almond milk.

Butter: Nuttelex, Funky Fields vegan organic spread, coconut oil, coconut butter

Chocolate: Make your own using cocao, coconut oil and rice malt syrup or honey and add nuts or dried fruit as you wish, Pana chocolate, Sweet William chocolate, Pico, Lots of different vegan chocolates available from online or in store health food shops. Loving earth and Alter Eco are also dairy free brands of chocolate and available at many chemists.

Ice Cream: Although some of these are not optimally healthy, they do not contain dairy if you’re feeling in need of some ice cream. If you’re doing both gluten and dairy free, check which ones don’t conatin gluten as well as no dairy. Over the moo, Magnum dairy free and even Ben and Gerry’s dairy free!  Halo Top, Smooze (in health food aisle not ice cream section)- these are my go to when I crave something sweet as they are low in cals, and few in ingredients. So Good almond milk ice cream and PANA ice cream.Gelatissimo even has dairy and gluten free options!

Yoghurt: Coconut yoghurt (Cocobella, CoYo, Nakula, Nudie). Almond milk yoghurt- many health food stores have these. Cashew yoghurt- make your own or at Woolies and Coles. You can also flavour the plain versions yourself with vegan protein powders, molasses, fruit purees etc.

Gluten alternatives:

Gluten is found in Barley, Rye, Oats, Wheat (this includes wheat varieties such as; spelt, durum, semolina etc).- remember the BROW acronym.

Bread: Gluten free bread, paleo bread, go “breadless”, there are many gluten free or paleo bread recipes on the net if you wanted to make your own and there are also decent gluten free packet mixes available too. Rice cakes, corn thins. (Plain not flavoured). Orgran cruskits.

Wraps: Be Free wraps, Paleo wraps, coconut wraps, Mission gluten free wraps.

Alternative Grains: Rice, Buckwheat, quinoa, millet, amaranth, teff, sorghum, corn.

Alternative Flours: Gluten free flours, coconut flour, almond meal, hazelnut meal, rice flour, banana flour, buckwheat flour, arrowroot, teff flour, sorghum flour.

Most “normal” recipes you can simply swap the dairy and gluten containing products for a gluten free and dairy free alternative and still enjoy the same meal!

Many chemists now have a great range of health foods that are vegan and dairy free too, so access to these alternatives is getting a lot easier than in the past.

As you can see, going dairy free and gluten free isn’t as difficult as it sounds! It can sometimes be tough if you plan on going out for a meal, however most places will adapt their meal item to suit your requirements or have a couple of options that are GF and DF.

I sincerely hope, that if you’ve been considering going gluten and dairy free that this information is invaluable to you, as I know it would have been for me when I first begun down this track!

Yours Truly,

Lisa x

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