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Now more than ever, many of us are feeling; overwhelmed, anxious, nervous about our health, our future and our careers and finances. I too have felt these things over the past 2 weeks. It is in times like these we need to look for the opportunities in the situation, perhaps write out a pro list if you will. For me some of the positives include; having quality time with the kids where we have time to laugh and play, having some time to focus on my big goals, ideas and projects, getting some of those neglected chores done around the house and reconnecting with loved ones, through chats, phone calls and video calls. Although we need to look for the positives, it is ok to feel these feelings and let them sit for a little. However, the more worry, fear and stress we allow ourselves to feel and to focus on, the more of that we will receive. When we put our focus to some of the positive aspects, we are telling the universe we want more of those positives and the universe responds. You might think this is a bit “whack” but time and time again we have seen that our thoughts create our results.

With all that said, naturopathically, let’s focus on what we can do to support and strengthen our immune system.

My 7 hot tips include but are not limited to;

1) 20 minutes daily sunshine- Vitamin D is an immunomodulator, helping to keep immune function strong.
2) Zinc- zinc is essential for healthy immune systems.
3) Do what you can to reduce stress and worry, whether that be to; meditate, journal, write gratitudes, exercise or maybe even dance! Focus on the positives as stress increases cortisol, high cortisol effects your adrenals and when your adrenals are struggling, so too is your immune system.
4) Include foods such as; garlic, onions, chicken soup, broth, fermented foods, green tea. These are antivirals, some antibacterial and are great for fighting infections and illness.
5) Limit dairy, sugar and gluten. Dairy especially causes congestion and can weaken your immune function. These are pro-inflammatory foods, the aim here is to reduce inflammation.
6) Vitamin C! Highly essential for immune strength.
7) Probiotics or fermented foods. Probiotics help to balance our intestinal microflora. Our immune system lies predominantly in and around our gut. We need a healthy microbiome to help fight off invaders and pathogens. There are studies to support that probiotics can be beneficial in times of respiratory distress.

Hope you have learned something of value to help better yours and your family’s health! I wish you all nothing but health, wellness and happiness.

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Yours Truly
Naturopath and Personal Trainer
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