In my experience and from many other naturopaths, often a client isn’t sure on when to revisit their naturopath.

I can almost guarantee your concerns won’t be fully resolved after just one visit.

Ideally, you need to see your naturopath every 4-6 weeks so that treatment plans can be adapted to suit your progress and main concerns or priorities at the time.

You will not be “fixed” after one visit, although you may see some slight to big improvements in your symptoms or concerns, there is often a lot of deep, long term work that is required.

This work that is required can involve consistent dietary change, lifestyle modifications such as getting regular massage/ counselling/ exercise (whatever you may need), and 3-12 months of supplementation or herbal medicine. The prescription may change throughout the 12 months once your own stores are fully replenished. The better your diet, the less need there will be for additional or extended supplementation (given your gut health is in decent nick). Given the state of our soil and food nowadays, as well as nutrient malabsorption, deficiencies are very common.

Often I can see 1 client whom may need to do gut work, liver support, pain relief and nervous system support and the thing is, is that it’s not achievable nor realistic to try and work on everything at once, and perhaps when we work on one thing another complaint might disappear. For example, often if we start with the gut, some of our other seemingly unrelated concerns such as anxiety or headaches might go away too.

As you can see there can be complex cases which may take a long time to get 100% better, but if you give it at least 3 visits, you should begin to see some drastic changes. You may need longer, or you may not, but in reality 3 months of “health work” Vs a lifetime of suffering would be MORE THAN WORTHWHILE.

If something doesn’t seem to have considerably helped after your first visit, FEAR NOT! It may be a long road ahead OR, you may just need a change in your treatment plan- BUT you need to tell your naturopath this so that they can adjust your plan accordingly and to suit your individual requirements. You cannot realistically expect to feel amazing after spending your whole life or years with the same problem after trying 1 supplement for 4 weeks.

Give yourself the time and the energy FOR YOU to feel good. You do not have to suffer in silence the rest of your life because something did not work this one time.

The moral of the story here is to have patience and to revisit your naturopath after your initial consultation after 4-6 weeks to make any appropriate changes where necessary. As I said above, you may need 3 visits or you may need 10, it’s completely dependant upon each individual’s health.

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