Are you struggling through menopause or at the perimenopausal stage?
Every woman who lives past the age of 55, at some stage in their lives goes through menopause. This life stage can be completely debilitating to some and for others it’s a breeze. Some women may experience premature menopause before age 40. No matter what the age when you experience it, there are natural ways in which we can help reduce the severity and frequency of symptoms.
Natural menopause takes place because the woman’s body is reducing its secretion of hormones due to the reduction in ovarian follicles over the lifetime.

What encourages earlier menopause onset?
• Primary ovarian failure
• Smoking
• Ethnicity
• Genetics
• Living at high altitudes
• Occupation
• Age of menses onset
• Oral contraceptives
• Age at last pregnancy
• No. of pregnancies

How do you recognise menopause?
Some common signs and symptoms may include:
• Loss of libido
• Night sweats
• Menstrual cycle changes/ irregularity
• Heavy or infrequent bleeding
• Hot flushes
• Vaginal dryness
• Vaginal or bladder infections
• Painful intercourse
• Hair loss
• Increased facial hair
• Body aches
• Mood changes
• Sleep disruptions
• Incontinence
• Thinking difficulties
• Inflammation of the vagina

What can help reduce my symptoms?

• Foods high in phytoestrogens e.g. kidney beans, soybeans, chickpeas, flaxseeds.
• Excluding caffeine, refined sugars and spicy foods.
• Staying well hydrated
• Ideal body weight
• Exercise
• Daily sunlight

Nutritional supplements:
• Essential fatty acids
• A good quality B-complex
• Probiotics

• Black cohosh
• Wild yam
• Shatavari
• Chaste tree

Consult a health care professional before choosing the right supplements for you.

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