10 signs your Oestrogen levels are high!

1) Menstrual irregularities; irregular cycle, spotting, heavy periods, PMS
2) Mood imbalances such as; anxiety and or depression
3) Headaches- especially so when its time of ovulation or menstruation
4) Fatigue
5) Bloat
6) Excess fat in the hips, thighs and or tummy
7) Breast lumps
8) Low libido
9) Breast tenderness and or swelling
10) Hair loss

What could be causing me to have high oestrogen?
• Oral contraceptive pills
• Too much of certain foods- e.g. soy
• Some prescription drugs
• Poor detoxification (Think MTHFR genetic polymorphisms)
• Hormone replacement therapies

What can I do about it you ask?
Firstly, know your hormone levels. A saliva test or blood test can be a good way of getting the information you need, which can tell you exactly which hormones are high or which ones you may be low in. Generally, when your oestrogen levels are high, so too are your androgens. It is important that you take a hormone test during the correct time in your menstrual cycle. Having a test at any given time may give you false results because of the rise and fall in our hormones during a menstrual cycle.

Seeing a naturopath such as myself! We help to balance out hormones using herbal medicines that have proven efficacy in hormone modulation, as well as dietary recommendations and prescribing nutrients that are essential for a healthy hormonal balance and in supporting the liver to efficiently detox excess hormones.

If you think you might be experiencing hormonal imbalances (just like so many of us are), feel free to message to see how I can help!

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