Healthy Gut, Healthy you, Renew 8 Week Nutrition Plan


This 8 Week Healthy Gut Nutrition Program has been designed to assist in bettering your Gut and Digestive Health. We all know that our Gut Health can affect every other aspect of our health. Your most optimal health can only be reached when your gut is healthy. This is the perfect plan for those starting out on their health journey, as it is easy to follow and has over 50 recipes to choose from. It is flexible in that if you wish to you can choose meals from other weeks and place them in the plan where it is convenient to you or you can keep it simple and follow it to the T. The meals are all dairy, gluten and soy free yet pleasing on the taste buds. This helps to down regulate inflammation and allows the digestive tract to repair itself. You may notice changes such as; improved digestive function, clearer thinking, weight loss, increased energy levels, better sleep, improved immune function, clearer skin, improved moods and overall better health and well being.
As well as the 8 week menu and recipes, the program includes 2 gut friendly options to include each week, tips on weight loss and other great nutritional advice for your best health from a certified naturopath.

Each week there are 2 different main meal options, 2 snack options and 2 gut friendly foods to include.


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