New Year, New You 8 Week Body Transformation Challenge, Gold Level Membership


For the challenger who wants to transform their body and have naturopathic support for holistic health and wellness, addressing areas of concern that are affecting your health, energy and progress.



Cost: $389
Total value of $719
In this plan:
Track your weekly progress. (Pictures, weight and measurements)
* Enter your daily caloric intake
* 20 Nutritious Recipes
* Nutrition Tips
* 8 Class pass
* 8 Week exercise program (at home or gym options)
* 2x naturopathic consultations for an holistic approach to complete health and wellness. This will include 2 comprehensive naturopathic treatment plans inclusive of herbal medicine and or nutritional supplement prescription, specific lifestyle and nutritional recommendations suited to your individual requirements.
* Access to exercise demonstration tutorial library
* Access to Facebook support group
* Weekly educational videos on important weight loss topics (new)
* Prizes for 1 lucky winner

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