Personal Training

As a personal trainer, my priority is to create training programs to get you the best results! The programs are designed to suit your individual goals. My programs involve; cardiovascular, strength, resistance, pilates, core and boxing exercises dependant upon your wants and requirements. Programs will be adapted around any injury and individual ability. 

Personal Training Services available are:

60 minute one on one PT $50

45 minute one on one PT $40

30 Minute one on one PT $30

6 week exercise programs $40-$60 (Depending on requirements)

Group Fitness Classes $15





What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a natural system of health care that aims to treat the whole person and the cause of the health concern, Naturopathic medicine aims to achieve optimal health by using centuries-old medicines alongside modern health care. A naturopath utilises the following types of medicine:


Nutritional supplementation

Herbal medicine



Lifestyle recommendations

Some of the conditions that a naturopath may work with, but are not limited to are; Women’s health concerns, food allergy and intolerance, weight loss, skin concerns, fatigue, stress, chronic and acute conditions, mood disorders, insomnia and digestive concerns.

To book an appointment which are also available via skype, click the link below.


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